My Top 20 LinkedIn Posts of the Past 6 Months

Thank You for 1.3 Million Engagements!

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Henry Ford

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Let’s take a moment to celebrate.

One year ago, I made my first-ever post as a creator on LinkedIn. I had no idea what I was doing but was eager to learn. My 1,600 followers were all colleagues or contacts from my corporate career.

Flash-forward 12 months and we now have a community of nearly 250,000 people. Strong and growing.

Thank you for your kind support. Your frequent engagement with my posts means the world to me. I love hearing your stories and reading your feedback.

With your help, my posts have reached a mind-boggling 138,000,000 people. But even more important is the 1,344,066 engagements they’ve received. That’s 1.3M times someone has resonated with the message, shared their view, or reposted it to spread the word.

As a recap, here are my Top 20 LinkedIn Posts from the past 6 months. Click the image or title below it to see the post.

  1. Most Important Motivators at Work – Unveiling the power of recognition in the workplace. (8.3M impressions)

  1. Quiet Quitting: The Signs and The Causes – Exploring the silent signs of employee disengagement. (6.7M impressions)

  1. Ikigai: Your Reason for Being – Finding purpose and joy in one’s career through the Japanese concept of Ikigai. (4.6M impressions)

  1. Killers of Company Culture (and How to Fix Them) – Tactics for reversing negative trends and building a thriving culture. (4.0M impressions)

  1. What People Think Empathy Is – Defining true empathy beyond common misconceptions. (3.4M impressions)

  1. Ace Your Upcoming Job Interview – Interview strategies, examples, and smart questions to ask your interviewer. (3.3M impressions)

  1. Your Title Doesn’t Make You a Leader; Here’s What Does – Essential qualities that define true leadership. (3.3M impressions)

  1. 8 Ways to Display Emotional Intelligence – Enhancing personal and professional relationships through emotional intelligence. (3.2M impressions)

  1. 12 Ways to Build Trust – Fundamental steps to establish and deepen trust. (2.3M impressions)

  1. Do You Need to Have a Meeting? – Streamlining productivity by reducing unnecessary meetings. (2.2M impressions)

  2. 24 Ways to Know if You Have Integrity – Reflecting on the core aspects of integrity. (1.8M impressions)

  3. Surround Yourself with People Who Fight for You in Rooms You Aren’t In – The importance of having supportive networks. (1.6M impressions)

  4. What Employers Tend to Value – Advocating for the critical importance of interpersonal skills. (1.5M impressions)

  5. 5 Things High-Performing Teams Do Differently – Secrets to the success of top teams. (1.4M impressions)

  6. 9 Mindsets of the Most Successful People – Mindsets that contribute to personal and professional success. (1.4M impressions)

  7. What Great Leaders Say to Build Strong Teams – The impact a leader’s words can have on their team for good or bad. (1.3M impressions)

  8. 18 Ways Having a Good Manager is a Blessing – The transformative effect of a good manager. (1.3M impressions)

  9. 11 Laws of Effective Leadership – Actions and behaviors to become a great leader. (1.3M impressions)

  10. How to Give Your Employees Back 31 Hours a Month – Practical tips for reducing meeting overload. (1.3M impressions)

  11. Emotional Intelligence is Choosing How You Respond – Video clip on managing your emotions. (1.2M impressions)

From being invisible on LinkedIn just a year ago to consistently ranking in the top 10 most influential LinkedIn creators worldwide, the journey has been a blast.

Your support is my favorite part. Every engagement is a step toward a larger movement with a bigger community.

We’re creating a space for meaningful discussions on topics like leadership, company culture, emotional intelligence, and self-improvement.

Thank you for being a part of this amazing adventure. I’m excited to see where we go in the future.

And if we haven’t connected on LinkedIn yet, come on over 👋.

Many more great posts and discussions ahead in 2024.

Keep shining, my friends,


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